What I don’t like

Are we too critical of people who complain?

Positive and mature Christians are not supposed to give much time or attention to that which is negative or lacking.  We champion the boosters, builders and bridge builders; and slam the doubters and complainers; lumping them in the same group as slackers and blockers.

Truth be told, there are things I don’t like about the church, America,  and, at times,  my job.  Does that make me unpatriotic, pessimistic or a fatalist?  I think not.  I don’t like stridently partisan politics.  I don’t like the fact that some people contend, we are better off as a church when we don’t talk about difficult matters like homosexuality, immigration reform, environmental justices or the future of The United Methodist Church.

I believe the Church is of God and therefore, cannot die or ever cease to exist.  I am positive, joyful and rooted in hope most days.  However, some days, I am very inclined to turn a deaf ear to all who may not agree with me or fit into my own prejudicial notions of what is right, true or worthy.  Some days, I don’t like my own attitude.  Lord, have mercy!!!


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  1. Steve Braudt on

    Many days I know that I would not listen to myself if I walk into my own office!

    I long for the days when I am part of a 100% joyous and loving community, but I fear that may have to wait until Jesus leads me home.

    So until then I will continue to pray and presevere!

  2. Bishop Trimble on

    I know I have been to hard on complainers when I have been
    a part of this crowd more often then I am willing to admit.
    Thank God for grace and people who keep hanging in there.

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